Special thanks to Crosstown Concourse, Memphis, TN

Electric Bike

From crowded cities to sprawling suburbs, transportation is tricky. Cars are cumbersome in congested places. Last-century bikes lack capacity for weekly grocery runs. And leg power alone just isn’t a realistic option for most travelers.

That’s why we set out to create something new. Engineered to boost a bike platform with car qualities, Benebici easily carries you further and faster than you might comfortably walk or pedal. It ships freight without toppling or straining, and navigates tight spots like walkways and doorways.  

Whether you’re crawling a slope in San Francisco, cruising a boulevard in Boston, or running errands with ease, Benebici brings the style, speed, and space to see you safely there.

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What is it?

Eight years of development have achieved what you see here: a truly unique semi-recumbent “e-bike” that happens to have three wheels instead of two, the better to carry a comfortably seated rider and his or her junk in the trunk.  Benebici has battery-powered, motor-driven rear wheels and a pedal-driven front wheel that can work together or separately to move the bike over the road.